Wieden+Kennedy LIVE BRIEF: Completed in 2 hours
What will the year 3000 look like? Show what a Nike Air Max shoe would look like in the year 3000. What new technology is around? Why are the shoes the way they are?  
it's the year 3000, why are we still changing shoes? everyone has now received the new bluetooth implant technology that is connect to your brain and any product you receive, including; the new Nike Air Taps. 
One shoe. Multiple Trainers.
In collaboration with Keyondra Wayman
Product Design 
Animation + Video
With the new design, you are taken back to a retro time with a 2020 Air Max shoe design as the initial look. They are completely white and give you the ability to change style with a simple TAP, TAP, to the tongue or the Nike Swoosh. 
Download new styles from the Nike store and add them to your cloud library. 
Simply tap the shoe, think of your desired style and they transform in the blink of an eye. 
It’s the year 3000, these kids are watching some holographic television.
A portal randomly opens in the room. 
The Kids unphased as the Jonas Brothers from the year 2013 come out of the portal.
The Brothers Looks at the kids shoes. 
Joe: What are those?
Kid: Nikes
Nick: Those aren’t Nike’s?
Kid: Yes they are. Taps his shoe and it changes to a different color, taps it again changes to a different style
Kevin:  They change??!!!
Kid: just tap it, and get your match.
Jonas brothers together amazed, Then get abruptly teleported back to 2013
Joe: Guys i have a new song Idea
 Leads to the new hit Year 3000 but a little different now….
Year 3000 Nike Remix​​​​​​​
I've been to the year 3000
Not much has changed, but we only have one pair of shoes
And these self changing Nike Trainers
Are looking  fine (Looking  fine)

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